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New Facebook Tool Will Measure App Downloads

Strapping another retro-rocket onto its mobile marketing machine, Facebook is expected to announce a new tool at its F8 developers conference next week that will allow companies to measure ads that lead to app downloads. Apparently, the tool will be able to be employed on digital media venues beyond Facebook.

“Building a tool that allows advertisers to track installs off of Facebook is a natural next step after the launch of their Audience Network and more recently their acquisition of Atlas,” comments Molly McCarty, senior social account manager at 3Q Digital. “Many of the accounts I work on perform well because of the targeting that is possible through Facebook. If we could start applying those targeting methods to campaigns running off of Facebook, and still measure installs, this would be a game changer.”

McCarty adds, however, that she has not heard anything about targeting linked to the new tool. “It’s very possible that targeting users off of Facebook will be more limited than running the ads on Facebook itself,” she says.

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