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New Coffee Catalog Seeks Buzz

The Caffeination, a new catalog of micro-roasted coffees, wants to build buzz by giving you a buzz.

Instead of targeting consumers at home, however, founders Kris Perlberg and Andrew Billman — who have direct marketing experience — mailed the catalog to businesses. They think good coffee boosts employee morale and makes a good impression on clients. Brewing it in the office also saves the time employees would spend waiting on line at a coffee shop.

“The concept for the company started with a simple premise,” Billman said. “Regardless of where someone works, wouldn't it be great to easily get fresh, micro-roasted coffee from a top-tier roaster in, say, Vermont or Seattle?”

The first issue of The Caffeination mailed March 15 to 5,000 names. A second mailing of 25,000 catalogs is planned for delivery this month. The company launched an e-commerce site last month, thecaffeination.com.

The target audience is professional offices of 20 employees or fewer, including law offices, accounting offices and ad agencies.

The eight-page catalog features coffee and tea from five micro-roasters: Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea, Waterbury, VT; EVP Coffee, Madison, WI; ink! Coffee, Aspen, CO; The Mill, Lincoln, NE; and Caffe D'Arte, Seattle. Also offered are Krups coffee-brewing machines, air pots for keeping coffee warm and coffee filters. A one-pound bag of coffee costs $11.95, a three-pound bag $34 and a Krups Duothek coffee maker is priced at $188. The minimum order is three pounds.

The coffee is priced on par with Starbucks while the Krups items have a lower price tag than can be found at many retailers, Billman said.

The catalog informs readers that all orders are custom-roasted to ensure quality and shipments are sent weekly.

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