New bank Ally launches with campaign focused on trust

Ally bank, a newly formed unit of GMAC Financial Services, has launched a campaign with help from BBH New York. The goal of the campaign is to position the company, which was announced earlier this week, as a trustworthy place for its customers in an increasingly wary world around financial services.

“What we’re trying to do is let customers know about the products we have and the benefits of engaging with us,” said Vinoo Vijay, brand, advertising and product marketing executive for Ally.


The campaign features print, TV and a “very robust, rich online presence,” Vijay said. “We’re using search extensively. Our goal here is to make sure people can find us if we need to.”
Vijay also noted that e-mail is key to the company’s financial offerings in addition to its marketing. “We use e-mail quite a bit as an ongoing touchpoint with our customers,” he explained. “E-mail is fundamental to one of our core product propositions, the ‘sleeping money’ alert that alerts lets customers know if their money can be earning a higher interest rate with us.”
The company also used e-mail and direct mail to inform current GMAC customers of the Ally launch. The concept of Ally itself was based on customer surveys in which respondents touted trust as paramount when they searched for a bank, Vijay said.
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