New App Aims to Quicken Reps’ Response on Salesforce

Demandbase, a tech company that helps B2B firms ID high-value prospects, today launched Sales Accelerator on the Salesforce App Exchange., in turn, announced its first investment in Demandbase, whose clientele tend to be big users of the cloud-based CRM company.

Built expressly for B2B sales and marketing teams. Sales Accelerator automatically pushes account insights from digital advertising and website traffic onto the Salesforce1 platform. B2B sales reps tend to stay locked into their CRM platforms, and the new app unifies results from across a company’s marketing stack and presents them with alerts on pre-buying activity of key accounts on their dashboards. By leveraging the Salesforce1 mobile app, Sales Accelerator can deliver the alerts to reps’ mobile devices, as well.

“Despite all the marketing tech investments B2B companies have made over the past several years, they still face a challenge in aligning sales and marketing initiatives,” says Demandbase CMO Peter Isaacson. “Sales Accelerator ties together all the advertising and website activity and delivers it to the sales organization and alerts them to what they should care about most. In short, it identifies high-quality selling opportunities before the hand raise.”

The app can also deliver new business teams alerts on prospects that are not currently in an enterprise’s CRM system, since the company uses an IP address identification system that can pinpoint a product researcher’s company.

The size of Salesforce’s investment in Demandbase was not disclosed.

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