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New and improved analytics introduced for Facebook Pages

Facebook rolled out an updated version of Page Insights for users running Facebook pages. The updates include the addition of requested features by users and a simpler display. 

The analytics dashboard now has six new tabs through which admins can access and analyze page visit data. Here’s what each of them look like:


This gives admins a snapshot of page visitor activity over the last seven days, with stats divided into three categories, Likes, Post Reach and Engagement. It gives a quick summary of who saw your page last week and how they interacted with the posts they read. You can also view the engagement activity on the last five posts on the page. 


This gives you everything you want to know about who ‘likes’ your page. You can access data on how many likes the page has, how many new likes it gained and where those likes came from, whether they were paid or organic. 


This creates interactive graphics to show the number of people who saw the posts on the page, how many liked, shared or commented on them, and who engaged with them negatively (for e.g. chose to hide a post from their timeline.)


This shows which part of your Page is getting the most traffic, such as Timeline, Photos or the Info tab. It also shows which websites people came from to land on your Facebook page.


Provides a detailed, drill down into each post’s performance. You can see which ones created the most engagement, as well as an accompanying option to boost a particular post (by paying for it.)


An in-depth demographic analysis of all the people who “like” your page, including gender, age and location. Helpful stuff if you want to know your audience. 

For a full video and more details explaining the updates, check out the official announcement by Facebook. 



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