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Neustar Partners With Nielsen on Campaign Metrics


Neustar has announced a collaboration with Nielsen that will incorporate Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings into its PlatformOne media metrics service, providing users with expanded online-offiline metrics across all devices.

The enhanced service, immediately available to PlatformOne users, will provide additional third-party intelligence that now spans more than 4 billion consumer transactions cross-referenced against 15,000 offline and online attributes from some 220 million adults.

“We will be able to expose our clients to data such as audience reach frequency and gross ratings points for every one of their campaigns,” says Neustar VP of product marketing Yosha Ulrich-Sturmat. “Nielsen does a good job of aggregating information which we didn’t have built into the platform.”

That includes DMA-level data that could inform regional expansion plans or promotional campaigns. Neustar users will also be able to validate campaign and audience metrics across all digital screens, verify viewability statistics, and detect fraudulent activity.


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