Neustar Decides to Hand Data Over to its Clients

Data management platforms collect performance and customer activity data from campaigns run across all the channels marketers operate in, then analyze the data and channel it back to them to inform future campaigns. What data management software companies generally don’t do is hand all that raw data over to the client. That changes today for at least on such provider, Neustar, which announces the release of AK Media Insights Pro, a service that puts the data in clients’ hands and lets them analyze their own media and audience intelligence.

“A lot of our clients wanted access to use the data to run their own models, but that option wasn’t available in our UI. So we took the same data set and pushed it out to an Amazon warehouse and made it available to them to use in modeling things like online conversions or media mixes for TV and print,” says Rob Gatto, Neustar’s SVP of marketing services. “Most clients today have a really hard time getting access to their own data.”

It’s been hard, because normalizing the data for their use is not a simple task. What Neustar does with its new service is collect customer data from every touchpoint, de-duplicate it, and provide users with qualifiers such as naming the channels the data existed in.

Marketers, Neustar says, will be able to put the data to use  developing “what if” scenarios, testing marketing mix strategies, and creating custom data aggregations more relevant to their individual businesses. They will also be able to analyze first-, second-, and third-party data and digital campaign activity to home in on the characteristics of customers and prospects as they move through the sales funnel.

“It’s a lot of volume [of data], so it requires a lot of technology to aggregate,” Gatto says. “We did it because we believe it takes clients one step further in their use of actionable data.”

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