NetPost Mailing Online Goes International

NetPost Mailing Online now offers international delivery.

This printing and mailing service from the U.S. Postal Service lets mailers electronically transmit letters, postcards, fliers, self-mailers, newsletters and other documents, with their mailing lists, to the USPS via the agency's Web site,

Customers log on to the site and create direct mail pieces from their laptops or their work or home computers. Graphics and photos can be added. Color printing options are available with full-color highlights in red, blue, green and magenta, as well as black and white.

The electronic files are transmitted to print sites nearest the recipient's address. The documents are printed, addressed, applied with postage and transported to the post office for processing and delivery. A mailing can be sent using First-Class, Standard and Nonprofit Mail (for qualified mailers and materials), and now at international rates.

Delivery previously was limited to domestic addresses. Customers can add a “country field” to their address lists before submitting the final mail piece and complete address database.

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