NetPost Mailing Online Extended to Nonprofits

ORLANDO, FL — The U.S. Postal Service's NetPost Mailing Online service is now available to nonprofit mailers at nonprofit rates, USPS officials said yesterday at the Spring National Postal Forum.

The service previously was available only to mailers at First-Class or Standard mail rates. Nonprofits mailing at basic automation barcoded rates now can use the service as well.

NetPost Mailing Online — formerly called Mailing Online — allows mailers to electronically transmit documents, correspondence and newsletters, along with their mailing lists, to the USPS via the agency’s Web site,

The electronic files are then securely distributed to printing contractors near the delivery destination, where they are printed, inserted into addressed envelopes with appropriate postage, sorted, and transported to the post office for processing and delivery.

According to the USPS, prices for the service are lower for nonprofits than for other mailers. For example, nonprofit mailers sending a two-page document would pay about 29 cents, including 13 cents for postage and 16 cents for production and markup. The same document sent via First-Class mail would cost approximately 43.5 cents.

Designed to address the needs of small to medium-sized mailers, NetPost Mailing Online aims to maximize cost savings for the consumer by commingling mailings, using a network of commercial printers, presorting the mailing and entering the mailing closest to its delivery point.

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