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Net.Marketing Numbers Better Than Original Reports

The DMA/AIM net.marketing Conference & Exhibition is doing better in terms of paid attendance than previously reported in DM News, but is still struggling, according to an inside source.

As of April 16, the conference had 167 paid attendees, 71 exhibit-hall-only attendees, 18 exhibitors and four press, according to the source. The figures do not include speakers and staff.

DM News recently reported paid attendance at 70 and the number of exhibitors at 12. The figures were accurate several weeks ago, according to the source, but the Direct Marketing Association has had some success marketing the show.

The DMA recently sent an e-mail to exhibitors claiming “Net.Marketing is actually ahead of last year at this point in time,” but gave no numbers.

Last year's conference had 44 exhibitors, 350 paid attendees and 500 exhibit-hall-only visitors, according to another source.

This year's show is May 5-7 at Miami's Hyatt Regency.

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