Netflix joins with Facebook service

Online movie rental service Netflix is making its movie watching experience even more social. The e-commerce site, which already lets consumers create profiles and share movies with friends’ profiles, has now integrated with Facebook Connect.

This new partnership will let Netflix members integrate their Netflix accounts with their Facebook accounts extending a member’s movie ratings from the Netflix community to Facebook.

Every time a Netflix member rates a movie, the rating will be posted on their Facebook profile and shared with the member’s friends if the Netflix member has enabled Facebook Connect. Friends can then comment on each other’s reviews.

“Movies make for great conversations,” said Gibson Biddle, VP of product manage­ment for Netflix, in a statement. “By integrat­ing with Facebook Connect, Netflix members can now share their movie-watching experi­ences even more easily than before, allowing for greater exchange of movie recommenda­tions with their friends.”

This comes as Netflix competitor Block­buster Inc. announced a partnership with TiVo Inc. to bring its movie download ser­vice to the TV in the second half of 2009. This is Blockbuster’s answer to Netflix’s online streaming, which has been available on Netflix since 2007.

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