NetFactor’s VisitorTrack identifies site visitors for BTB clients

Marketing services provider netFactor is aiming to get greater value from search pay-per-click with its latest version of VisitorTrack, a tool for business-to-business Internet marketing and sales intelligence.

The Littleton, CO, company recently released the latest version of software that identifies site visits for its BTB clients, providing actionable data in a searchable format such as company mailing address, SIC codes, visitor origin and the search phrase entered before reaching a page.

“It’s not Web analytics, it’s not CRM and it’s not a business intelligence database,” said Chris Jeffers, CEO and general partner at netFactor. “We integrate all three of those into a search support function to improve a Web site’s lead generation capabilities.”

The software now includes an alert function, customized by each client to organize data specifically for in-house functions. For instance, a client could preset the system to tag certain companies or industries and alert the sales force.

Better SEO health

Client Plexis Healthcare Systems, a developer and provider of software for the management of medical, dental and vision insurance claims, features various white papers and medical resources on its Web site at .

“You can go broke quick doing pay-per-click,” said J.T. Gillet, marketing manager at Plexis, Ashland, OR. “We try to optimize our site for organic search and are constantly changing our content to keep it relevant and fresh.”

VisitorTrack uses a tracking code to gather data from users’ computers, filtering out visitors originating from non-business locations. Most of the information is obtained through the business’ Internet provider registration.

It also gathers data from the IP address and business information databases to provide a more complete entry, stored in searchable data columns and exportable in various formats including Excel. The company pairs with business intelligence database, Jigsaw, San Mateo, CA.

The partnership with Jigsaw provides names and direct telephone numbers to department heads in various companies. Although the contact name is not necessarily the person that browsed the Web site they most likely play some role in purchasing decisions.

Hot leads sought

Other clients of netFactor, like Unitime Systems Corp. and Connolly Consulting, may use the information to provide its sales lead generation.

For example, a Hot Leads feature tags each BTB visit that has high return page views and recency and sends a message to a client’s BlackBerry with the appropriate contact information. Often this data is used for telesales, direct mail and e-mail prospecting.

NetFactor does not sell or commingle clients’ data. All clients have to agree to data protection agreements and fair marketing practices in order to use the service including restrictions on reselling or repurpose the data provided.

For a BTB marketer with a high cost product and longer buying cycles, the pay-per-click model often results in overpaying without obtaining an actionable lead.

“We thought that the only way to address this trend was to enable higher rates of conversion for the BTB marketer,” Mr. Jeffers said.

The data collected offers marketers a variety of possibilities.

“We get lots of new clients who say they can’t wait to use the data,” Mr. Jeffers said. “The mature user asks how they can best purpose this data.”

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