NetCreations Guarantees Opt-In Names From PostMasterDirect

NetCreations Inc. has issued a money-back guarantee that all names provided by its PostMasterDirect division are 100 percent opted-in for third-party offers.

Called PrivacyPlus, the terms of the guarantee are:

· All names provided by PostMasterDirect are 100 percent opt-in.

· PostMasterDirect will fully disclose all list sources and opt-in processes upon request.

· PostMasterDirect promises to mail unique names in the exact quantity ordered.

· PostMasterDirect will not overmail to give the appearance of a better response.

Any mailer that finds PostMasterDirect in violation of any of these promises gets a full refund for the list rental in question.

The guarantee aims to assure mailers that they are getting what they ask for, said Michael Mayor, president of NetCreations, New York.

“Basically, what we're trying to do is give the mailer, be it a broker, agency or a direct mailer, a little confidence, a little assurance that what they're renting is actually what we said it would be — true opt-in names,” he said.

There are many deceptive practices out there, and they are hurting the industry. Marketers are asking for accountability, he added.

NetCreations' PostMasterDirect network consists of more than 500 sources and more than 50 million double opt-in e-mail addresses, including more than 13 million business-to-business prospects.

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