NetCreations Expanding Business-to-Business E-Mail Services

NetCreations Inc. is expected to announce at the Direct Marketing Association's 18th Annual Catalog Conference June 4 that it is expanding its business-to-business e-mail marketing services to include management of opt-in e-mail newsletters and house files and that it will be offering newsletter sponsorship opportunities.

Of the company's database of more than 33 million e-mail names, 15 percent are from the BTB segment, according to Rosalind Resnick, NetCreations' chairman/CEO. However, those names account for about 50 percent of NetCreations' revenue.

“We're expanding our suite of BTB services, starting off with about 5 million tech names alone,” Resnick said. “We found we were leaving money on the table by not offering more BTB names.”

NetCreations will offer three new services for business-to-business marketers: B2B Master File, B2B Select and B2B Newsletter Sponsorships.

Resnick said the B2B Master File is actually three databases that allow marketers to dynamically select prospects across 5 million names. The databases include small-business owners, Webmasters and IT professionals. The cost per thousand for the master file is $250 to $400.

“With B2B Master File, we're offering for the first time a new way to slice and dice our database,” Resnick said. B2B Select offers marketers the opportunity to target subscribers to branded BTB newsletters, content sites and online publications. Mailers can send stand-alone offers to the publication lists for an average CPM of $300 to $400. B2B Newsletter Sponsorships will offer marketers sponsorship opportunities with BTB newsletters. Resnick said is among NetCreations' first clients offering sponsorships. CPMs for sponsorships are $50 and up.

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