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NetCreations Debuts PostMasterDirect International E-Mail File

NetCreations Inc.'s PostMasterDirect service launched its international master file of more than 13.6 million double opt-in e-mail addresses yesterday.

The file consists of business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-mail prospects in more than 200 countries such as the United Kingdom, with 930,500 names; Canada, with 968,100 names; Germany, with 782,400 names; the Russian Federation, with 441,800 names; and Australia, with 450,600 names. Other countries available include Argentina, China, Brazil, France, India, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Spain and Sweden.

Selections on the file include country, recency, gender, age and job title as well as several BTB and BTC interest categories. The file is suitable for English or native language offers.

Pricing ranges from $150/M to $400/M depending on the type of names selected.

New York-based NetCreations' PostMasterDirect network consists of more than 500 sources and more than 50 million double opt-in e-mail addresses, including more than 13 million BTB prospects.

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