Net Company Aids Nonprofits

Recently launched Internet marketing company CommunityReach, Bethesda, MD, will donate at least 5 percent of its revenue from long-distance calls made by its customers to the nonprofit organization of the caller's choice. To join, customers need to fill out subscription forms at

“This allows us to share a percentage of revenues with the nonprofits that are important to our customers and provides nonprofit organizations with an innovative means to raise funds and enhance communications with their members,” said Mark Shriver, founder of CommunityReach. “This is a for-profit business with a nonprofit focus.”

According to CommunityReach, if a customer spends $35 a month on long-distance calls he will contribute more than $20 to the organization of his choice over the course of a year. All nonprofit organizations recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as nonprofits are eligible to receive donations through the CommunityReach program.

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