Nestlé Waters and Salesforce Launch NYC Engagement Center

It’s a digital marketer’s dream. The global social conversation, the mass migrations which represent countless customer journeys, and campaigns in planning and in progress—all laid out across a series of large format screens. Plus a team of developers and engineers just upstairs, helping revise and evolve the vision.

That’s what multi-brand (Perrier, Poland Spring, etc) bottled beverage vendor Nestlé Waters unveiled last week on a floor of Salesforce’s downtown New York office. It’s a real-time, live action consumer engagement center, with an on-the-spot marketing team. It’s also a showcase for what the company is doing with support from Salesforce—and also in partnership with its digital agencies. And it’s also a lab, with the Nestlé Waters able to work closely with Salesforce’s developers in the same location. But social listening is only the first element here.

Courtney Stacks, Group Marketing Manager, Strategy & Business Development, explained the center’s operations. “We wanted a place in New York City where we can strategize with retailers, agencies and our cross-functional teams,” she said. “The first thing is social listening. We’re looking at the landscape and social trends.” This used to be the responsibility of agency partners, but working with Salesforce it’s now in-house. “The second thing is consumer engagement, through online channels and traditional channels like our call center. Finally, it’s analytics: How do we make sure we’re looking at things in real-time, really responding to our consumers, and optimizing our marketing tactics.”

The center’s strategy currently involves nine screens (obviously, the set-up is flexible). Among the displays are a social screen showing “who’s talking,” highlighting significant influencers and tagging for sentiment; a social topic display; a customizable geographical display showing social conversations, promotions, offers (the brands are distributed nationally); a dashboard for corporate affairs and brand reputation, covering not just Nestlé Waters, but the industry as a whole.

Campaign optimization is one of the center’s responsibilities. One screen was devoted to a Hallowe’en-related campaign scheduled for Q4, showing how elements of the campaign will interact, partner/agency responsibility, and prospective audience response and ROI. The data and dashboards are available not just within the command center, but to Nestlé Waters teams at other locations. The center already tracks email performance, and there are plans to monitor media efforts, SMS messages, and other touch points.

Antonio Sciuto, EVP and CMO for eBusiness at Nestlé Waters, emphasized how far the company has advanced its digital marketing in little more than a year, and told me that Nestlé Waters increasingly views itself as a digital business end-to-end. ““We are moving beyond building databases to cultivating communities by delivering personalized content based on the specific needs of our consumers to deepen their engagement and advocacy,” he said.

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