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Neopost, Northrop Grumman Get USPS Nod to Test Kiosk for Online Postage

ORLANDO, FL — Neopost Online Inc., an Internet-based postage and shipping solutions provider, has teamed up with Northrop Grumman Corp., a postal automation solutions vendor, to test a self-service kiosk for online postage.

Neopost announced the joint effort yesterday at the Spring National Postal Forum. Both companies said they have received the required approval from the U.S. Postal Service.

The kiosk-based Simply Postage solution is a joint development of Neopost Online, Redwood City, CA, and Northrop Grumman's Automation and Information Systems division. Northrop Grumman is based in Los Angeles.

The kiosks will include a touch-screen computer monitor, a credit card reader and an integrated printer. Pending final approval by the USPS, the companies intend to place the kiosks in high-traffic retail locations.

According to both companies, the Simply Postage kiosks offer cost-effective advantages over traditional stamp vending machines, which require substantial security and high maintenance.

The kiosks use Neopost Online's proprietary, secure, self-adhesive labels, which have no monetary value, thus eliminating the need for tight control and management of preprinted stamp inventories.

Initially, the kiosks will dispense First-Class postage. Future plans for the kiosks include adding a scale, which would allow consumers to calculate exact postage for letters and packages.

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