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Neon’s immersive website teases upcoming horror film

Neon Horror Teaser
Neon Horror Teaser

NEON has launched a unique marketing campaign for its upcoming project, with an immersive website named TheBirthdayMurders.net. Designed to intrigue fans, the site is teeming with mysterious clues, compelling puzzles and eerie visuals. Using a chilling murder mystery narrative, NEON’s inventive promotional strategy effectively doubles as an engaging game leading up to the film’s release.

Visitors to the website are invited to participate in an investigation into a series of fictional murders linked to a birthday party. The site’s enticing puzzles and intriguing scenario amp up anticipation for the film’s release. TheBirthdayMurders.net goes beyond providing initial shock value, using story immersion to keep visitors thoroughly engaged before they step into movie theaters.

In-depth content on Longlegs, the film’s main character played by Nicolas Cage, also features on the website. Longlegs is portrayed as a devasting killer who, for three decades, has terrorized families in the Pacific Northwest.

Unearthing Longlegs: Interactive promotion for horror film

The narrative also features the intense and chaotic pursuit of Longlegs by a local detective, promising an exhilarating cinematic experience.

The website further offers insight into the film through intriguing trailers, images, and in-depth exploration of Longlegs’ dark origins. It teases a tantalizing mix of fear and anticipation, providing behind-the-scenes glimpses, interviews and a detailed timeline of Longlegs’ reign of terror.

As per the story presented on the site, the murders initially appear as common murder-suicides carried out by ordinary men against their families. However, each crime scene reveals a series of disturbing coded messages signed with the ominous pseudonym ‘Longlegs’. This insight leads investigators on a spine-chilling journey, ultimately revealing a vast organization using ‘Longlegs’ as their gruesome calling card.

The notorious Longlegs has, according to the storyline, affected eleven families in Oregon. The website enhances the horror element with eerie crime scene images and puzzle-solving interactive elements central to Longlegs’ narrative.

Directed by esteemed filmmaker Osgood Perkins and featuring stellar performances by Nicolas Cage and Maika Monroe, the film “Incident at Sparrow Creek Lumber,” promises to be a gripping serial killer horror movie due for release on July 12. With a suspense-filled script by Rob Gomez, exceptional cinematography and an unnerving score, this film is set to add a new edge to the horror genre and guarantees a thrilling cinematic ride for movie enthusiasts.

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