Readies Relaunch Campaign, a global marketplace for outsourcing IT projects, is slated to relaunch its site Oct. 16. To grab the attention of chief information officers and other IT decision makers, the company is gearing up a multifaceted marketing campaign. offers a hosted online platform for procuring, managing and delivering services. One of the ultimate purposes of the marketing efforts is to add to the site's collection of registered buyers and sellers.

“The end goal is to have the IT buyers register a request for proposal,” said Rodger Dougherty, senior vice president of marketing and public relations at Inc., San Ramon, CA. “We're an online marketplace that provides a platform for IT buyers to outsource their turnkey IT projects from [request for proposal] to delivery.”

The cornerstone of the site's current efforts is a $50,000 Outsourced IT Project Give Away that runs through Nov. 31. If an IT buyer comes to the site and registers, he is automatically entered to win a free project.

To promote the sweepstakes, the site is sending out a direct mail piece next week. It will reach 50,000 buyers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies nationwide. There are plans to offer similar contests quarterly.

“We wanted to give something that was compelling, attracted attention and had significant value to it,” Dougherty said. “Every day you see people giving away T-shirts and Palm Pilots. We wanted something that will grab their attention a little bit better. The $50,000 project is very compelling. We think it will bring people to the site at least to check it out.”

The site began advertising in targeted publications such as CIO, Business 2.0 and The Wall Street Journal earlier this month. This week, ads will begin appearing in publications such as Information Week, IT Support News and Intelligent Enterprise.

Next month, plans to fire up an online ad campaign. While Dougherty had not finalized the campaign, he anticipated that the company would run more than 1 million banner ad impressions. The banners will likely run on the Web presences of the offline magazines and newspapers in which the site is advertising. DRB Partners, San Jose, CA, an interactive marketing firm, will make the online ad buys.

The site is being relaunched because it needed a bit of a face-lift, Dougherty said.

“We felt the original version didn't hold true to our values and the way we do business,” he said. “We wanted to make sure the site has the look and feel that we want it to.” has 2,000 IT suppliers, including KPMG, Wipro and Ernst & Young. More than 300 buyers from companies such as Cardinal Health, ShipServe and Pyxis Corp. use it regularly to contact its database of suppliers.

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