NCR launches Blockbuster Express sweepstakes

Technology company NCR Corp. has launched a sweepstakes that consumers can enter through Blockbuster Express kiosks.

“We have a strong retail presence with over 9,500 kiosks in grocery, convenience and drug stores across the country, and the majority of our kiosks have two digital screens for digital advertising and promotions,” said Ken Partyka, CMO of NCR Entertainment, via email. “Using our kiosks to promote our marketing initiatives, as well as the programs of the retailers and other product marketers, is a natural extension of our customer engagement strategy.”

Consumers can enter the “Blockbuster Express End of Summer Movie Madness Sweepstakes” after renting a film from a Blockbuster Express kiosk. Customers who rent DVDs via the kiosks are required to submit their email addresses and are by default opted-in to the Blockbuster Express email marketing list, said Partyka, via email.

Consumers can also enter via an online form. NCR will give 100 consumers one free DVD rental each week through the end of the year.

Asked whether the sweepstakes’ launch date was influenced by the September 1 expiration of Netflix’s DVD pricing plan, Partyka said NCR launched the program to coincide with Labor Day weekend.

NCR franchises the rights to use the Blockbuster name, and owns and operates the Blockbuster Express kiosks.

The company developed and executed the campaign in-house.

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