NCR Establishes Privacy Initiatives

NCR Corp., Dayton, OH, last week announced a series of data warehousing privacy solutions designed to help its customers meet consumer data protection guidelines in Europe, the United States and other world markets.

The initiative, which stems from a strategic, privacy initiative NCR introduced two years ago, includes privacy-enabled products and services designed to devise effective privacy policies, privacy-enabled data warehouses and help companies understand the technical complexities and social and legal issues associated with consumer data protection.

“Being the data warehouse leader, if we didn't establish a privacy initiative and establish a proactive motion around it, then the European Directive and the activities occurring in the United States and the whole emerging privacy issue would be a threat to our data warehouse position and our ability to provide data warehouse support to our customers,” said Bob Henderson, vice president of privacy at NCR.

NCR is a founding member of the Online Privacy Alliance and the initiator of an alliance being established called the International Trust, Security and Privacy Alliance. It's also forming Privacy Center, where data warehouse privacy specialists and other service professionals work with new and existing NCR Teradata Warehouse customers to help implement IT strategies that ensure privacy compliance.

Its privacy-enabling services — to be used in conjunction with Teradata Data Warehouses — help companies create ways to integrate privacy objectives into current IT strategies and customer relationship management plans and define the specific steps required to implement warehouse privacy.

Managing customer privacy data can bring complexity to data warehouses, especially since some customers want to opt in, some want to opt out, and some only want to opt in some times. NCR said its privacy service addresses these issues, even when customer data is spread across three or four databases.

“Our system would be able to take these customers and manage the data so that they could mark the data for each customer,” Henderson said.

Later this year, NCR will introduce additional privacy software and services, such as Privacy Administration, Assessment and Review Services and a Consumer Access Interface.

NCR also will adapt its horizontal privacy software and services to the needs of the retail, communications and financial services industries.

Henderson said NCR's solutions are meant to help companies gain a competitive advantage.

“If companies get ahead of the curve and establish privacy initiatives within their business environments, they can create a competitive advantage and treat privacy in a lot of ways like the car industry is treating safety.”

Christine Varney, an industry consultant and former U.S. Federal Trade Commissioner and senior White House advisor said that NCR recognizes the challenge that its corporate customers face when handling sensitive personal data.

She said that NCR aggressively working to enable personal data protection across the enterprise, in both off-line and online environments, “shows that protecting privacy is indeed good business.”

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