*NCR, BroadVision Sign $17M E-Business Partnership

NCR Corp., Dayton, OH, a data warehousing and ATM company, and BroadVision Inc., Redwood City, CA, a provider of personalized e-business applications, yesterday announced a $17 million partnership.

The partnership, which was announced at the Banking Administration Institute's Retail Delivery Show in New Orleans, will allow the two companies to work together to develop software adapters between BroadVision's e-business applications and NCR's Teradata database, customer relationship management solutions and ATMs.

As part of this alliance, NCR becomes BroadVision's preferred partner for high-performance analytics, CRM solutions and ATMs, while BroadVision becomes NCR's preferred partner for online personalization of end-user interactions with NCR ATMs.

The partnership also allows businesses to take advantage of a single, comprehensive view of their customers so they can coordinate marketing and services to them via mail, a phone call, the Web, a wireless device or an ATM. The integration of NCR and BroadVision technology will bring ATMs — previously isolated on separate networks — into the CRM programs of banks and their partners.

According to both companies, NCR and BroadVision will help institutions make the most of brief ATM customer interactions by providing messages tailored for each consumer.

For example, a 19-year-old ATM customer may be offered a special college loan rate because the bank's database knows he has recently graduated from high school, while the next ATM user may not be interested in college loans but may be nearing the payoff of a loan. Because the bank knows she immediately purchased a new car after paying her last loan, the ATM could offer her a pre-approved auto loan for her next purchase.

NCR's Teradata and CRM solutions provide the repository and campaign plans, goals and rules. BroadVision's solutions provide the personalized view of the ATM screen and manage the interaction sequence. The consumers' reactions are captured by BroadVision and passed along to the bank's NCR data warehouse for analysis and experience improvement on subsequent visits.

The joint solution first will be targeted to businesses in the financial services market and later will expand to include companies in the retail, communications, travel and transportation, and manufacturing industries.

The $17 million commitment represents the two companies' joint investment in research and development, marketing and the development and operation of global Centers of Expertise for Advanced Personalization — first in the United States and later internationally. These centers will showcase return on investment-driven e-business applications using both companies' technologies. The centers' staff — experts in the application of advanced personalization — will provide business and technical consulting, customer benchmarking and prototyping, technical white papers and case studies.

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