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NCR Announces New Version of CRM Tool

NCR Corp., Dayton, OH, is expected today to announce the release of the fourth version of its customer relationship management tool, NCR CRM Solution.

The new version enables marketers to engage in personalized dialogues with their customers across all channels, including Web sites, kiosks, automated teller machines, call centers and e-mails. In addition, the real-time rules engine allows these dialogues to be executed for time-sensitive communications.

The fourth version of NCR CRM Solution will be available at the end of the first quarter of 2001.

The system will allow a retail bank, for example, to make a targeted offer to a customer or prospect through an ATM. After 10 days, if there is no response, the system might try again. If there is still no response after another 10 days, the system could make a judgment based on the value of the customer whether to try a more expensive, higher-impact channel such as a call center. High-value customers might get the offer one more time, through a personal call from their branch manager.

The software also will include pattern-detection capabilities to assist in time-based affinity analysis. Pattern detection allows marketers to determine which products drive sales of additional products by tracking the interactions or transactions that precede or follow a product purchase. It allows a marketer to determine whether a drill buyer, for example, is purchasing the accessories for that drill over time. If not, it then allows the marketer to create campaigns to increase accessory purchases.

The release is the first to unify NCR’s Relationship Optimizer product line with that of Ceres Integrated Solutions, a customer relationship management company that NCR acquired in April.

Pricing depends on system configuration and starts at $150,000.

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