NCDM Exhibitors Debut Latest Product Features

ORLANDO, FL — Approximately 2,500 attendees at this week's 24th National Center for Database Marketing Conference and Exposition here got a look at numerous new products offered by exhibitors.

The Internet's impact on database marketing was apparent in many of the new releases, as product features included online access, e-marketing tools, and cost-saving methods of acquiring names on the Web.

Here is a roundup of the products and services offered at the show:

* Experian, Orange, CA, announced the debut of its database solution Intravue. The solution provides a set of tools and services that allow an organization to better manage customer relationships.

Intravue provides online access to a full marketing database from a remote PC that allows marketers to manage their customers by supporting marketing activities throughout the entire customer life cycle. Those activities include targeting customers, acquiring new customers, customer relationship management and maximization of relationships.

The solution is comprised of the following elements: data factory, designed to build and maintain relational marketing data warehouses; data store, which provides linkage to Experian's data content to provide a complete marketing view; modeling and data mining, modeling software provided by SAS; business intelligence applications deployable in a Web or non-Web environment; campaign management that allows marketers to build campaigns using familiar nontechnical terminology; and consulting services, providing database services, software integration and service bureau capabilities.

* Andersen Consulting, New York, announced that it has made an equity investment in Prime Response, Cambridge, MA, and that the two have formed a global alliance in hopes of developing and implementing the next generation of integrated e-marketing solutions. The dollar amount of the investment was not disclosed.

The alliance has resulted in new customer relationships for the two, including Touring Assurances, a European automobile insurance company.

Two “customer insight” centers are going to be established and based in Minneapolis and Sophia Antipholis, France, that will be areas of competence for database marketing and data mining and will serve as training locations for Andersen Consulting professionals.

* Interactive Technologies, Delray Beach, FL, announced that it executed a letter of intent to engage in a marketing partnership with, Andover, MA. The letter states that will develop customized portals and syndicate personalized content of Interactive Technologies' 2,000-plus association and corporate partners.

Through the partnership will create advertising revenue for Interactive Technologies, its subsidiaries and their associations and companies. Interactive Technologies will incorporate the content into its JoinUsOnline Portal Program, which represents a gateway to more than 30 industry-specific portals. JoinUsOnline enables companies or providers to have access to more than 15 million households and 1 million businesses at a fraction of the typical acquisition costs on the Internet.

* MarketFirst, Mountain View, CA, introduced its Web Seminar Blueprint. According to MarketFirst, Blueprint “quickly” turns prospects that register and attend Web seminars into high-quality leads while tracking the leads that become real customers enabling a company to measure true return on investment.

The tool enables businesses to generate new leads by creating targeted messages to prospects based on their individual interests. High-quality leads are then turned over to the direct sales and/or partner channel departments for immediate follow-up. Users will be able to determine the cost per lead, number of new sales generated and overall event ROI.

* Mastery Marketing Group, Ridgefield, CT, demonstrated its new database software system called DbMastery. According to the company, the system can query 10 million records in less than three seconds.

DbMastery is designed for all levels of users from the boardroom to the mailroom, and gives executives the ability to select a report with just one click. With another click the information is exported to an Excel work sheet while one more click creates a 3-D graph. The system is also designed for customization and gives users the ability to create their own reports and targets without programming.

* Fair Isaac and Co. Inc. launched its MarketSmart Decision System, designed to help retailers build a data warehouse and segment and market to its customer bases.

The San Rafael, CA-based marketing services provider also launched a similar product for telecommunications marketers.

The MarketSmart system integrates information obtained from customers, makes marketing decisions and allows companies to generate and share reports, all of which is done through a secure Web environment hosted by Fair Isaac.

“What we've done here that's unique is created a system that pulls all the information from all the different channels and applies a direct marketing mind-set to it,” said Doug Clare of Fair Isaac.

The system uses all of a marketer's channels — including stores, call centers, catalogs, direct mail and the Internet — to collect data and send targeted messages. It also incorporates demographic data from other consumer databases to assist in developing the data warehouse and utilizes tools from third-party vendors, such as a campaign management tool from Prime Response and a data query tool from Sterling Software.

* Unica, Lincoln, MA, a customer relationship management solution vendor, announced a series of new products: Unica eChannel, Unica Perspective and a new version of its well-known campaign manger, Unica Impact v. 2.0.

Unica eChannel is Internet-based campaign management software and is designed to work with Unica Impact. It enables marketers to integrate e-mail and Internet-based marketing with traditional marketing and determine when and how to communicate through a variety of customer touch points.

Unica Perspective is an Internet portal designed exclusively for marketers, allowing them to share campaign reports, work flow information and creative contact in real time with colleagues. According to the company, campaign results can be easily rolled up into summary reports for executives, or reports can provide detailed views of specific information to give an individual the most relevant information.

Unica 2.0, the new version of Unica's campaign management tool, offers enhanced scalability, flexible data handling for traditional unstructured database modeling challenges, new macro capabilities, query tools and additional segmentation tools.

These announcements come on the heels of Unica's recent announcement that it has acquired $6.75 million in venture funding, and has expanded both its management team and facilities.

* The Polk Co. unveiled a data clustering system designed to aid telecommunications companies in their marketing and customer retention efforts.

Using data obtained from a customized version of its monthly Survey America mailer, Polk, Southfield, MI, created TeleClusters, a system of 23 unique groupings based on more than 25 different telephone-related behaviors.

“[Teleservices companies] had a need that we weren't meeting,” said Kurt S. Besch, director of market development at Polk. “We saw a need for some additional products out there.”

TeleClusters is based on about 40,000 responses from a survey Polk sent out last spring containing detailed questions about use of various teleservices products, such as cellular phones, voice mail, pagers and Internet access and other questions. The results were married with lifestyle data that gives telecommunications marketers a more holistic view of their prospects than they traditionally have, according to Besch.

Besch said Polk has talked with several telecommunications services about putting the product into test. He also said it would be priced aggressively to gain market penetration quickly, although the price structure was not immediately available.

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