Natrol Promises Women Weight Loss With DRTV Campaign

Natrol Inc. is supporting the introduction of its new weight-loss system with an infomercial slated to debut in February.

Natrol, parent of sports nutrition company Prolab Nutrition Inc., is targeting the product, labeled the Cory Everson Solutions Weight Loss System, to women age 25 to 50.

“We are looking at females that used to participate in athletics in high school or college and now don't have the time to exercise because of their children and careers,” said Rich Stanley, vice president of sales and marketing at Natrol Inc., Chatsworth, CA.

The product's developer, Cory Everson, a female bodybuilder and former six-time winner of Ms. Olympia, will host the infomercial.

“Cory is 43 years old and is a relatively new mother and needed a product to help her achieve weight loss and get back into shape,” Stanley said. “She can definitely relate to the audience we are targeting.”

The weight-loss system includes a whey- and soy-based meal replacement protein powder; a capsule labeled Cravex designed to control cravings; and a body-toxin cleansing formula. It also includes a pamphlet detailing a diet plan and a moderate exercise schedule.

Consumers will be directed to a toll-free number to purchase a one-month supply of the system, which costs $59.99. Consumers also can visit to learn more about the system, but they are directed to the phone number to place an order. Customer representatives will upsell a variety of protein bars, meal replacement drinks, multivitamins and a continuity program that ships a new supply of the weight-loss system to customers each month.

Natrol initially will launch the campaign in warm weather locations that are nearing “bathing-suit season,” such as Florida and Southern California. The campaign will spread to other regions of the United States as the rest of the country warms, Stanley said.

Natrol decided to use the long-form infomercial approach because the medium allows adequate time to explain how the program works, Stanley said.

“We can't just throw it on the retail shelf and expect consumers to know that it will work,” he added. Natrol eventually plans to expand the system to retail sales, Stanley said, adding that it is too early in the process to provide specifics.

The infomercial will initially run on local cable stations and should expand to national cable, depending on the returns. Time slots for the campaign have not been determined yet.

In-Finn-Ity Direct produced the infomercial. Natrol has not decided yet on a media buyer. The company may outsource fulfillment services if the campaign yields more than $2 in revenue for every media dollar spent, Stanley said.

In-Finn-Ity Direct plans to develop a short-form campaign to supplement the long-form.

“With a $60 buying decision, it's hard to get customers interested in purchasing in 120 seconds, which is why we are starting with long-form,” said Terry Finn, president of In-Finn-Ity Direct, Los Angeles. The infomercial cost roughly $250,000 to produce, he said.

Natrol is looking to air the ad following programs that attract a large female audience, Finn said, adding that the placement has not been finalized yet. The ad will air primarily on Saturday and Sunday mornings with additional showings scattered throughout the week.

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