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NATPE — Conduit for Internet and TV Weather Forecasts

A new partnership will allow television and Internet marketers to reach consumers interested in local weather broadcasts through either media.

FasTV.com, a provider of free searchable streaming video TV news and information content online, yesterday announced a new marketing and content agreement with the National Weather Networks at the National Association of Television Production Executives conference in New Orleans. NWN is the largest provider of local remote weather forecasts to television stations in the United States.

The agreement gives FasTV.com the rights to broadcast all video content available on NWN's Web site, Weatherama.com, and a chance to develop new advertising models and agreements with the company.

“This is an important step in letting advertisers understand that by marketing through partnerships between Internet broadcasters and television broadcasters, they will reach many savvy, new consumers,” said Russell Stewart, local executive producer at fasTV.com. “Working together, we can offer stations the ability to create a new revenue model, and advertisers new exciting, interactive ways to reach people with their products.”

NATPE continues through Thursday.

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