Native Ad Budgets to Double Over Next Three Years


Though marketers could not unite on one compelling reason to devote more budget to native advertising efforts, devote more cash they will, says a study released today by eMarketer that sees spending on the method growing by double digits for the foreseeable future.

Currently pegged at $3.2 billion, native ad spending will continue rising by more than 30% over the next two years and top the $7 billion mark in 2017. It will continue on a pace to top $10 billion before 2020.

Personal interviews with marketers conducted by eMarketer uncovered various motives behind the native madness: as an antidote for media clutter, as a way to drive viewers to owned media, and for its value in the mobile sphere. Engagement, the research company deduced, was the overriding goal.

On the downside, executives found native difficult to execute, scale, and measure.

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