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National Pen and subsidiaries name MeritDirect as list manager

Provider of promotional products National Pen Co., its Canadian branch Perfect Pen & Stationary, and its educational marketing subsidiary Atlas Pen & Pencil, have named integrated marketing solutions company MeritDirect its list manager, says Stephen Berg, director of prospect mail marketing for the National Pen Company in North America. 

MeritDirect replaces Direct Media as list manager, Berg says. “The switch was really for our own marketing initiatives. We were starting to get some refusals and declines from mailers prior to the switch. MeritDirect focuses on b-to-b strategically.”

Though they are still in the transitional phase, MeritDirect and National Pen have been “working together corporately since the beginning of the year from a brokerage standpoint,” says Berg. Specifically, MeritDirect makes prospecting recommendations from its co-op databases for National Pen’s North American business.

“We’re looking for any potential or revenue opportunities through MeritDirect,” adds berg.  “MeritDirect has a sound management team and we’re looking forward to a productive relationship and growing our business with them.”

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