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National Law Journal relaunches with deeper DC coverage

Incisive Media has combined two of its legal titles — National Law Journal and Legal Times — and relaunched them as a new, redesigned National Law Journal and Law.com Web site.

The National Law Journal serves a select subscriber base of corporate and litigation lawyers across the US. With the addition of about 5,000 Washington, DC-based Legal Times readers to its subscriber list, The National Law Journal now serves 17,000 print subscribers weekly. Subscriptions are sold as combination print and Web, though non-subscribers can also access the homepage.

“In this day and age, it makes a lot of sense to have a national publication with a real emphasis on Washington, DC,” explained Steve Lincoln, publisher of The National Law Journal (NLJ). “We had two different publications that were ostensibly national and combined them to have one large national publication with a really beefed up Washington bureau.

“One way it helps us is it makes subscriptions more valuable because now we have one publication with lots of DC coverage, and it still covers the implications for attorneys all over the country,” he added. “From an ad standpoint, we have a larger subscription base than before, and we can also offer two alternative places to put advertisements: within the localized DC section or within the broader NLJ section.”  

Lincoln noted that the time was ripe for The National Law Journal to deepen its focus on the DC area and national legal issues. The new administration and stimulus bill are affecting lawyers all over the country, he explained.

Law.com, Incisive Media’s portal into the sites for The National Law Journal and Legal Times, also has been revamped. It now features page tabs for National News and Washington News, and it also offers subscriptions to two new e-newsletters: morning headlines and “Afternoon Update.” Print subscribers are automatically enrolled to receive both newsletters, which already have 26,000 subscribers each.

To promote the newly-combined publications, Incisive is using multiple lists of attorneys in the US and also is advertising heavily in its own publications and on its Web site.

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