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Namaste migrates YogaWorks for more user-friendly e-mail

YogaWorks, a yoga school with locations in New York, Los Angeles and Orange County, has been working with its agency, Namaste Interactive, to overhaul its e-mail program.

Namaste recently partnered with CakeMail to run its back-end e-mail platform for clients as a way to make the experience more user-friendly. Being user-friendly is important for YogaWorks. The company has more than 20 studio managers in six regions looking to send segmented e-mails to different populations from its list, which led to usability issues within its e-mail platform. Namaste recently began to migrate YogaWorks into their e-mail platform and have created subaccounts for each manager.

“Since we’ve moved them onto our platform, each manager has the ability to log in to their own personalized mail-creating interface,” said Chris Roy, president and co-founder of Namaste Interactive. “They can create new segments, categorize segments and make quick changes to templates.”

“It can be very confusing if there is too much information in the platform, and we wanted to ensure that each one of their managers has the tools to deliver more relevant information to their base,” Roy added.

YogaWorks has approximately 100,000 students who receive e-mails several times a month. E-mails include newsletters, workshop updates, internal teacher training, retreat mailers, media based mailings and incentives. The school sends e-mail as a CRM tool but also to acquire new customers, so it is important that the correct message go to the correct subscriber.

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