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NAILED IT: DMNews spends a few minutes with Tony Soric, director of online marketing, SignatureDays.com

DMNews spends a few minutes with Tony Soric, director of online marketing, SignatureDays.com

Q: Can you tell us about the search marketing campaign that you did with Clickable?

A: Our national campaign primarily consists of relevant generic terms. Also included are products that are available for purchase on a nationwide basis. A few examples of keywords that make up this campaign include experience gift terms, “NASCAR drives” for example. The national campaign with Clickable allows us to reach users early in the shopping search process and introduce SignatureDays to users that may not be aware of our company or experience gifts as a concept.

Q: What are experience gifts?

A: Instead of a traditional gift, people can use SignatureDays to give an experience. For example, the gift behind NASCAR drives is a chance to ride in the passenger seat of a Nextel-style stock car.

Q : What were the results?

A: Our national keywords are performing better than ever. We have seen an increase in sales three times average between October 1 and November 14 year on year for the national generic campaign.

Q: Why did this campaign work?

A: In part, because of the timely bid alerts and recommendations provided by Clickable. Its recommendation engine monitors shifts in revenue and costs and provides alerts that help marketing managers deploy bid changes quickly. While there’s an opportunity to reach a large audience, generic keywords tend to be more expensive. If these keywords are not managed and tracked properly, there is the possibility of incurring massive costs.

Q: Was there anything that you would do differently?

A: Yes, I would have bid more agressively from the campaign’s onset. By bidding aggressively and ranking highly for competitive terms, you are able to test conversion rates and, ultimately, a keyword’s value.

Q: Any key takeaways that you would apply to future campaigns?

A: The campaign gave me confidence that Clickable will allow me to spend more aggressively while maintaining ROI targets, because this strategy requires constant monitoring. I had typically bid at a more conservative level to start.

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