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NAILED IT: DMNews spends a few minutes with Mike Carney, co-partner at Betelgeuse

Q: Can you describe your multichannel campaign for Diamond Aircraft?

A: Because of the complex nature of generating interest and qualified leads for Diamond’s DA-40 single engine aircraft, we employed a multichannel, multi-touch campaign. The key was applying analytics to the target audience before any creative was developed. We began by identifying current licensed pilots in the US Aero region. Initially, there were more than 65,000, so we built a model to identify the pilots that had the highest net worth, discretionary spending capacity and were closest to the US Aero sales offices.

Q: How did you choose to execute the campaign?

A: We began by leaving a voicemail for our prospects a day or two before the direct mail piece arrived. This raised the awareness of the piece. Shortly after the direct mail piece arrived, we followed up with the prospect to understand their flying habits and propensity to potentially buy an aircraft. If the interest level was high enough, we offered a free test flight.

Q: What were some of the results?

A: The campaign was a huge success for US Aero. Key factors were the data modeling, the high quality of the creative piece, the call to action and the offer. Finally, having the multi-touch integration in place allowed us to qualify the targeted audience and proactively determine the readiness to take a test flight.

Q: What specific metrics can you give on how many people responded?

A: We achieved a 4.4% response for sales-ready leads. These leads were pilots who desired to take a test flight in the DA40. The overall response rate exceeded 12%. While we cannot divulge sales volume to date, US Aero is extremely pleased with the ROI and they will press forward with additional campaigns.

Q: What will you take away from this campaign for the future?

A: For this type of high-end product, make sure the creative used adequately portrays the quality of the product you are promoting.

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