Myspace parent Viant rolls out advertising cloud

The parent company of Myspace, the social network that everyone loves to count out, has announced Viant Advertising Cloud, a new adtech offering that will offer brands the opportunity to enhance their targeting.

Much like Facebook’s Atlas, it ties its own user data with available third-party data to create a more rounded and robust ad solution that purports to track the impact on offline sales.

Viant, which was called Specific Media until today, also owns ad tech solutions Vindico and Xumo. The product was pitched as a combination of the technologies inherent in its diverse offerings into one cloud-based product.

The three offerings in the cloud are identity platform management, media execution platform and data analytics.

“The new wave of advertising is about 100 million ads to 100 million different people connecting with consumers in a completely different way in one that’s really relevant,” said Viant CEO and cofounder Tim Vanderhook, in a promotional video.

The founders also decided to poke a bear, telling Ad Age that they believed their ad tech was ahead of Facebook’s.

Myspace’s good news continued. They reported that they still reach 50 million people per month, according to the Wall Street Journal. Alas, some of that traffic, it is said, is old users solely for the purpose of procuring old photos for Throwback Thursdays (TBT) posts on more ascendant networks like Instagram. These days, Myspace’s content hews strongly towards music and entertainment, including the ability to listen to streamed music, with editorial staff creating original pieces and bands using the service to promote their 360 degree offerings.

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