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MyBuys launches a personalized email service

MyBuys, a provider of cross channel personalization technology, has launched a personalized email marketing system that is designed to enable companies to deliver highly targeted campaigns to consumer inboxes.

The MyBuys service is designed to tailor marketing emails to individual consumers, increasing the likelihood that the shopper will make a purchase. According to a MyBuys statement, this type of targeting increases revenue-per-subscriber by 5% to 10%.

“We’re the intelligence behind the scenes doing real-time monitoring, and (we) react to that,” said Chip Overstreet, SVP of marketing and corporate and business development at MyBuys. “We do so on an automated basis. We’re helping retailers increase relevance.”

The core functionality of MyBuys’s new solution exists in three components. The first, called Shopper-Profile & Catalog-Driven Email, automatically notes changes to a brand’s catalog, then sends personalized emails to customers that might be interested in those changes. In matching a company’s catalog to individual consumer preferences, the solution leverages historical data, such as how price sensitive a customer is, as well as what types of brands and products he or she typically buys.

The second feature is called Retailer-Driven Email, which places personalized product recommendations in transactional emails, such as order or shipping confirmations.

The third, Consumer Action-Driven Email, recognizes when customers abandon items in their online shopping carts and automatically executes a tiered marketing campaign intended to incentivize the buyer to return to the company’s website and purchase the abandoned item.

MyBuys said it is working with eight email service providers (ESPs) that can currently integrate with the new product: Bronto, EmailDirect, Emailvision, PulsePoint, Responsys, ExactTarget and SilverPop.

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