Musicmaker Adds Page, Black Crowes CD, New York, yesterday released a customizable music compilation titled “Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes Live at the Greek.” will give fans the ability to choose what quantity, order and format they want the disc to be in. Fans can customize the disc into a one or two CD set. A single preselected, 18-track double CD also will be available for purchase.

The customizable 19-tracks feature classic Led Zeppelin songs and blues numbers. The tracks were recorded live at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, in October 1999. All 19 songs are available for $17.90; or customers can purchase five songs for $4.95 with a $1 charge for each additional song. is a digital download retailer. The company allows consumers to build their own CDs by selecting and organizing songs from a library of more than 250,000 tracks.

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