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Muris: Telemarketers Complying With DNC

Telemarketers have shown “exceptional compliance” with the national no-call list since its launch in October, Timothy Muris, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, said in a statement last week.

From the no-call list's launch to the end of 2003, the FTC received complaints of 150,000 possible violations, according to figures released Friday. Consumers lodged complaints against more than 55,000 companies but fewer than 45 companies received more than 100 complaints.

Consumers did not name companies in some of the complaints. There were 55 million numbers on the list at the end of 2003, the FTC said.

“The do-not-call program has been highly successful in protecting consumers' privacy,” Muris said in a statement. “While we appreciate the high rate of compliance, we are taking a hard look at the top violators.”

The FTC also cited a Harris Interactive survey indicating that 57 percent of U.S. adults reported having registered for the list. Of those, 92 percent reported receiving fewer calls and 25 percent reported having received no calls since signing up.

The FTC has yet to issue any fines for violations of the no-call list. The Federal Communications Commission, which jointly enforces the list with the FTC, has issued seven citations but no fines.

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