MTPS 2014: Video Edition

If you were able to attend the 2014 Marketing&Tech Partnership Summit (well done, first of all), you experienced a day packed with information on how marketers and their technology colleagues can work together to create customer experience magic.

If you weren’t there—don’t worry. We’ve got the entire day on video for you.

Click on each image or title below to watch a full-length video of each session.

Keynote: Hackonomy: Marketing at Speed

Bonin Bough of Mondel?z International—parent company of Cadbury, Oreo, Nabisco, and more—explores how the hackonomy is changing marketing, and why marketers must embrace this change to better work with their technology colleagues and partners.

Keynote: Embracing Digital Transformation

Today, the most critical challenge facing marketers is how quickly they can adapt to the pressures of the rapidly evolving digital economy. Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro will discuss how marketers can evolve to meet these challenges.

Transforming a Marketing Vision into Reality

The American Red Cross had a bold vision for how its marketing should evolve. Banafsheh Ghassemi, VP, Marketing, Customer Experience & CRM, shares the nonprofit’s journey, including how technology supported specific marketing goals along the path.


Data: Go Big or Go Home

Personalization, segmentation, integration. Data is the core of marketing, but without talent, collaboration, and strategy it’s as useful as the teletype. (Speakers: Barton Goldenberg; ISM, Tamara Gruzbarg, Gilt Groupe; Todd Cullen, OgilvyOne.

Collaboration Amps Up Customer Acquisition

Reach Marketing CEO Greg Grdodian and Adam Reinebach, EVP of marketing solutions at Source Media, reveal how Source has enhanced its multi-touch prospecting through marketing/tech collaboration all along the marketing funnel.

Case Study: J.Hilburn Re-creates the In-Person Experience Online

Veeral Rathod, cofounder of J.Hilburn, reveals how the direct-to-consumer brand’s marketing and technology teams collaborated to create a highly personalized, awe-inspiring—and profitable—online (and mobile) experience.

Keynote: Who Owns Customer Data?  Marketing and Tech Duke It Out

With Big Data comes big responsibility. And as data’s importance intensifies, so does “ownership” of that data. Winterberry Group’s Bruce Biegel examines the realities of where data responsibility should be and the trends influencing those realities.

Aligning Data & Campaign Technologies to Achieve Better Customer Experiences

StrongView’s Katrina Conn discusses why marketing leaders must understand the implications of CX and how their marketing technology choices can and should enable the capture, analysis, and insight-driven action of consumer data that delivers.

Case Study: Changing the Way We Connect with the Sports Fan through Marketing and Technology

With the rise of social networks, the influx of new data and refined analytic tools, marketing and technology are working together to better identify and connect with the fan through personalization and targeting.


Case Study: Don’t Hit “Restart” on Real-Time Marketing

Tom Wyland of AOL Paid Services speaks about the steps his team took to turn a potential pitfall into a data platform that can be leveraged across all of AOL.

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