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M/S Forms Partnership With IBM

MS Database Marketing, Los Angeles, a leading database marketing firm, announced yesterday that it has been selected as an IBM Business Partner.

The MS IBM partnership extends MS Database Marketing’s core competencies to include $500 million worth of IBM’s e-business technology. This includes four e-business solutions: Web self-service, e-commerce, e-collaboration and business integration.

“Armed with these new technology alternatives, with solid proof points, MS has added one more strata to its client services – helping them build their own e-businesses,” said M/S Database Marketing CEO Robert McKim.

In addition, McKim formally announced yesterday that his company was purchased by Jordan Industries Inc, Deerfield, IL, a diversified management/investment holding company.

M/S database is now part of SourceLink Business Services Inc., a Jordan Industries subsidiary, which provides outsourced, integrated direct marketing and database management services.

According to McKim, the philosophy of Jordan is to buy great companies, let them operate independently and grow them quickly. As a result, he said that nothing has changed at M/S except that “we have more money to provide our clients with an expanding arsenal of high powered technological resources to keep them at the forefront of success.” And, as with the other SourceLink companies, MS will have access to a broad range of data and production facilities that serve the direct marketing industry.

McKim said that Jordan Industries gives M/S the financial resources for major corporate expansion, which “we could not have achieved through natural growth.”

He also said that Jordan Industries positions the company to aggressively compete in the ever-shrinking database marketplace, that, through mergers and failures, will be left to only a handful of major players.

“Being with Jordan Industries will allow MS Database Marketing to compete on the same level as Andersen Consulting and Deloitte & Touche,” McKim said.

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