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MRM Worldwide launches data platform

The UK office of digital marketing agency MRM Worldwide is adding deeper data measurement and analytics capabilities to its services with the launch of the DBExpress platform.

DBExpress is a hosted service designed to help MRM clients manage data and campaigns. The platform also offers customizable measurement and analytics capabilities. Clients, currently representing the holiday and travel, automotive, and technology sectors, will be able to integrate the tool with MRM Worldwide’s other analytical tools, including Data Visualization.

“DBExpress is the solution that underpins the global database offering from MRM Supply,” said Bill LaRoe, COO of MRM Supply. “In line with MRM Supply’s philosophy, it allows us to have a marketing database aligned with campaign production and measurement, together with the ability to support analytics-enabled marketing in an aggressive timeframe.”

DBExpress was designed to go to market quickly: It can be installed and configured in 20 days. It also can be built to fit each client’s particular needs.

“Speed to market and low cost of ownership were the key drivers,” LaRoe explained. “To be able to get campaigns up and running in a very short time and for them to be immediately measurable is of great benefit to any marketing department. Adaptability to changing needs was a fundamental design goal, and one that has been satisfied through DBExpress.”

Both of these design aspects help cut the price of installing and using the platform — another important factor, LaRoe said.

MRM will judge the success of DBExpress through the platform’s time to market and its measurable contributions to clients’ bottom lines. The agency aims to work with a span of industries, including clients from the MRM Supply network.

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