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MRC Chief: Mobile Metrics Standards Are a Long Way Off

“The IAB wanted to give us an hour to talk about mobile measurement, but we can do it in 15 minutes,” said Medialets COO Richy Glassberg from the stage of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s mobile conference in New York today. It’s not that there wasn’t plenty to talk about concerning mobile’s growing role as what another panelist called the “flywheel” of multichannel marketing. It’s that there was too much to talk about and too little data to back any of it up.

Glassberg was conducting a live interview of Media Rating Council CEO George Ivie (above), who spent part of his time on-stage recruiting agencies and marketers to work with his group to further the cause of mobile metrics.

“Nobody’s accredited in mobile measurement, though some are aspiring to be. But first we have standards to develop,” Ivie said. “To do that, we need to get more people to participate and share data with us. Desktop pages don’t change much, but mobile does. Just look at all the apps coming at consumers.”

The MRC gets its marching orders from 3MS (Making Measurement Make Sense), an initiative backed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, The Association of National Advertisers, and the IAB. Ivie said the group is in the first stage of a multi-stage plan focused on creating standards for viewability. It ultimately wants to home in on engagement metrics, a nearly impossible task considering varying mobile operating systems and channel-specific data silos within companies.

“We need people to participate. We need all the source campaigns we can muster,” he said. “We need data.”

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