MRC Accredits First Company for Invalid Traffic Detection

The Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited the first company for Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) Detection function, which detects and filters both general and sophisticated invalid impressions.

“Fraudsters are constantly innovating and changing their techniques to avoid detection and the most sophisticated invalid traffic occurs in the most expensive media,” said Eddie Schwartz, White Ops president and COO, via email.

The MRC said that a number of other companies are currently at various stages of the accreditation process.

“White Ops is the first service to be accredited by MRC for this function, and it’s likely that others will soon follow,” said David Gunzerath, MRC SVP/Associate Director, via email. “The availability of services that can effectively and comprehensively detect and filter sophisticated invalid traffic, and have had these processes independently validated by MRC, will provide added confidence throughout the industry that marketers’ digital investments are well protected.“

The accreditation certifies White Ops’ offering MRC’s Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research. A working group of 200 organizations, including the Interactive Advertising Bureau, devised the standards in 2015.

“Billions of dollars are at stake in the war against ad fraud and invalid traffic,” said Schwartz. “We must all work together to reduce the opportunities to steal advertising dollars and this new MRC accreditation is a powerful weapon.”

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