Moz launches a comprehensive ‘Beginner’s guide to social media”

Digital marketing tools company Moz released a very helpful, all-encompassing guide to social media for newbies today, which we highly recommend for all levels of social media users.

Filled with plenty of beautifully designed infographics, stats and anecdotes, the guide is free to access and helps to answer such existential social media questions such as “What is social media?” “Is social media just a fad?” and helpfully “How much of this guide do I need to read?”

The guide also has separate chapters focusing on different social media channels, including Youtube, Pinterest, and even Google+. Each channel has a brief tutorial on how to use it, what kind of marketing its good for, along with general tips on etiquette.

The guide was written by Kristy Bolsinger with graphics by Rob Eagle and edited by Ashely Tate.

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