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Movable Ink Joins Epsilon’s Agile Email Movement

Epsilon, whose Agility Harmony solution provides email marketers with advanced segmentation and dynamic content options, announced it will partner with Movable Ink. The company reported that this was among the first of several alliances it plants to undertake with third-party vendors in an effort to “transport email marketing closer to marketing in real-time.”

Movable Ink’s agileEMAIL platform increases customer engagement and ROI by serving personalized content to recipients in real time. The system allows marketers to alter the content of emails even after they’ve been delivered.

Agility Harmony enables marketers to link the sending of dynamic content to a customer action or behavior by applying the same business rules used in creating customer segments. Adding the capabilities of agileEMAIL, Epsilon claimed, will allow that dynamic content to be based on live information.

“Epsilon shares our vision of making email marketing faster, smarter, and more measurable,” said Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma. Epsilon SVP of Products Bob Zurek added that the two companies are “pioneering the concept of agility in the inbox.”

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