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Motorola launches integrated campaign to promote ES400 phone

Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions division is launching a digital campaign this week to promote the release of the ES400 phone. Interactive agency Designkitchen worked on the digital execution, while Creativ & Company produced the offline work.

Motorola designed the ES400 with field service, field sales, retail, health care, utilities, manufacturing and transportation professionals in mind. It is enabling the company to reach out to a new audience, said company representatives.

“We are targeting another segment of the market with this new technology, which enables strategic task workers to do their jobs in the field,” said Sheldon Safir, director of product marketing at Motorola.

“The rationale is that the device enables you to get your tasks done as opposed to just receiving information and not being able to act on it,” said John Shearman, marketing director at Motorola.

The tag lines are “Transform your mobile workers from simply informed to truly empowered” and “Action items become actions taken.” The company will use the slogans in e-mails, print ads, its website and in online videos.

The company is primarily using e-mail, rather than direct mail, because Motorola has been more successful with the medium.

“We’ve seen over the past few launches that the responses have been higher through electronic direct mail, rather than through print direct mail,” said Safir. “Direct mail has only done better in Spain.” Motorola is selling the phone to enterprises through Sprint Direct and Business Solutions Partners. The campaign’s goal is both customer acquisition and retention, said Shearman.

“Because the difference is the form factor, we think there is an opportunity to approach a newer segment, but we are also hoping to offer a solution to our existing customers,” he said. “We are about making sure we have the right device for the right person in environment.”

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