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Most Innovative Social Media Platform: Sprout Social

One reason for Sprout Social’s appeal is the relative simplicity of its user interface, and the perception that even inexperienced users can learn to navigate it easily. The Chicago-based social media management software vendor has raised its profile in an increasingly crowded space by combining powerful features with user-friendly design, to make it easy and efficient for businesses to discover, respond to, and interact with the social conversations that matter most to their brand.

Andrew Caravella, Sprout’s VP of marketing, described the platform as “incredibly adaptable.” According to Caravella, “Whether they’re on our Web-based or mobile apps, more than 16,000 customers worldwide rely on Sprout’s engagement, publishing, and analytics capabilities to enhance their social programs and build stronger customer relationships.” Sprout’s mission is to power open communications between brand and people.  

Sprout caught the judges’ attention not only for its adaptability, but also for its features. “We focus on building integrations and features that help businesses streamline, enhance, and measure their social engagement efforts,” Caravella says. “Each feature has a purpose and is designed with the customer in mind, ensuring that the platform adds a layer of value — whether that’s the ease of our iOS and Android apps, access to comprehensive social data and analytics, the ability to run unlimited reports, or our Zendesk integration to make customer service a priority.”

A recent development was the platform’s partnership with Twitter, which added Twitter Profiles and Listening Reports to its tool-kit, offering Sprout customers premium data that Caravella asserts is “on a par with enterprise-level listening tools.”

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