Most Innovative Mobile Marketing Platform: Swirl

Boston-based Swirl topped the innovative mobile marketing platform category this year with its beacon-powered marketing solution. A network of secure beacons, powered by Bluetooth technology, allows retailers and brands to push relevant mobile messages to customers moving through brick and mortar environments.

“By connecting the physical and digital worlds through smart phones and Bluetooth beacons, retailers are driving greater customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and sales,” says marketing spokesperson Mary Keroack. By delivering relevant digital content direct to in-store shoppers, precisely when and where it’s most useful, she adds, Swirl creates highly personalized shopping experiences.

“The open and modular design of the platform,” Keroack says, “allows retailers to seamlessly integrate existing systems and databases to deliver highly personalized experiences as part of a broader omnichannel strategy.”

Swirl aims to make deployment and management of beacons even easier with its recently released next-generation tools. “With a…six year beacon battery life, and a simple to use mobile app that makes it easy for store employees to install and configure beacons at any time,” Keroack says, “we have dramatically reduced the operating costs associated with maintaining even the largest in-store beacon network.”

Swirl is serving top retailers — including Lord & Taylor, Hudson’s Bay, Urban Outfitters, Alex and Ani and Timberland — with its solution for connecting the physical and digital worlds, helping those clients unlock real-world behavioral insights, engender customer loyalty, and make relevant mobile experiences central to the shopping experience.

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