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Most Innovative Customer Experience Management Platform: Influitive

Influitive, the advocate marketing platform headquartered in Toronto, impressed judges with its innovative approach to customer experience management. With over 400,000 users, Influitive provides a tool designed to help more than 300 brands identify, motivate, and incentivize influential online advocates, Influitive also has a 5,000 member VIP advocate community. 

CEO Mark Organ views the launch of Communities as a significant add-on to the Influitive platform. It aims to help B2B marketers create thriving customer communities, boost member engagement, surround buyers with social proof, and drive revenue. Organ anticipates the Communities tool evolving into an on-demand focus group, allowing power users to have input into how brands built products and bring them to market.

“People can use Influitive to demonstrate their love for a company or product,” Organ says. “It’s not just work, we’ve made it fun too. We make it rewarding for people to do what they want to do.”

Influitive’s mission is to unlock the full power of advocacy in an increasingly advocate-centric world. Built on a self-service model, it focuses on the advocate experience, allowing users to participate in campaigns according to their own schedule, not a marketer’s. Scalability is a key feature; the platform is capable of managing advocate bases of all sizes, from a few hundred to thousands.

“We realize the full potential of people who love you a lot,” Organ says.

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