Moore, Xpress Take on Demand Online

Moore Response Marketing, Lincolnshire, IL, has introduced MessageMaster, an online service that lets salespeople and suppliers create and distribute marketing materials using on-demand digital printing.

Users can customize brochures and letters, verify proofs and submit orders to Moore. Orders are printed at Moore facilities and distributed directly to customers, prospects or a designated location in 48 to 72 hours.

This on-demand service eliminates a clients' warehouse, fulfillment and reprinting costs. Message Master also can measure the impact on sales of specific marketing pieces with detailed usage reports.

Variable data printer Document Xpress, Savannah, GA, now offers a similar online service for job submission of print jobs. Clients can submit job orders, request estimates, send electronic documents and review job status at The printer returns an e-mail confirmation of orders, specifications and delivery dates. Clients also can use the site to view layouts and proofs onscreen. Document Xpress offers digital printing, marketing and direct mail production.

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