Monitor social media chatter to better inform SEO efforts

Improving website rank to reach your target audience is possible through the application of social media monitoring to your search engine optimization (SEO). The best SEO is built organically through user-generated content, so it makes social media monitoring even more crucial.?

If you’re interested in taking search marketing to the next stage, follow these four tips. ?

n Identify keywords. Selecting keywords to help search engines recognize your website is not an easy task. Technology offers the ability to aggregate words and phrases consumers use online and the sentiment surrounding them when talking about a brand, industry and competitors. These are the same words and phrases consumers use in a search query. The goal isn’t just to be ranked high in Google’s algorithm — it’s to be ranked high for the right words and phrases — the ones potential customers use.?

n Bolster your link-?building strategy. Search engines want a variety of links from different sites, and your audience appreciates relevant messages. Ideally, you want to build a network of links that involves partners, bloggers and other websites. The difficult part is figuring out where to start and which sites have the content that is most relevant for your brand to connect with. A social media monitoring tool can help to determine which sites are influential for your brand.?

n Support pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Using information about the search terms people use to find your product can help you identify and bid on keywords that are effective and inexpensive. You can also use the results to optimize landing pages with more relevant ad content, making the PPC cost less when Google analyzes the page.?

n Create organic SEO. Monitoring social media conversations surrounding your brand will allow you to determine for which types of information people are searching. This allows you to optimize your content to encourage other sites to link to it. By integrating social media into your site, you’re able to increase inbound and outbound links, as well as improve the SEO ranking. Providing visitors with an opportunity to interact and contribute content is also a way to build trust with potential brand advocates.?

Your target audience is talking online whether you’re listening or not. By paying attention, marketers can get a better ROI from SEO efforts, ensuring their brand is visible — not to all consumers, but to individuals who are searching for their products.?

Connie Bensen is director of social media and community strategy at Alterian. Reach her at [email protected]

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